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Democratic Deficit at Amber Valley

At a meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council to discuss the Council’s Core Strategy on 15 October 2014 the socialist Mayor of the Borough, Cllr John Walker, completely ignored the Constitution of the Council. He allowed members to speak for only three minutes whereas the Constitution allows five minutes. Not only that, he prevented Cllr […]

Socialists Cancel Cabinet Meeting – Again

At Amber Valley Borough Council’s AGM in June the dates for six Cabinet meetings were approved. The Cabinet meetings are always preceded by a ‘Have Your Say’ session when members of the public can ask question of and, speak directly to, cabinet members. The Leader of the Socialist administration at Amber Valley Borough Council, Cllr […]

Socialists Fail to Support/Back Local Communities.

Cllr Gareth Gee (Conservative, Crich) proposed a motion at the meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council on 17 September calling on the Council to object to the imposition by the Socialist controlled Housing Market Area (the HMA) of an additional 2,665 houses to be built in Amber Valley. Consultants employed by the HMA had stated […]

Audit Highlights Council Savings

The meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council on 17 September received a report from KPMG, the Council’s auditors. In their report the auditors commented on the £4million of annual savings made by the Borough. These savings took place while the Conservatives were in control. Cllr Alan Cox, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group on the […]

What Labour don’t want you to know

  The controlling self-styled Socialist administration on Amber Valley Borough Council have removed information from a Cabinet report that they would rather residents did not have. A report on a consultation exercise on the future of the Garden Waste collection scheme was published on 22 August. However, less than a week later this report was […]

Labour Cabinet finally agrees to meet the public.

Following direct questioning by Conservative Cllr Stuart Bradford of the socialist Leader of Amber Valley Borough Council (Cllr Paul Jones) at the last Council meeting 23 July, it was hurriedly announced yesterday (29 July) that the first ‘Have Your Say’ event of his administration will be at Alfreton on Wednesday 3 September 2014 from 6pm […]

Herbert Strutt Charity

The Herbert Strutt Charity was set up in 1986 to benefit the residents of Belper. The Trust is advised by a management committee made up of six Belper Town Councillors and six Amber Valley Borough Councillors. These councillors have always been appointed by the two councils in accordance with the political balance of each Council. […]

Additional Strategic Sites for Amber Valley Core Strategy – Belper

At a meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council on 23 July Cllr C. Emmas-Williams, the Deputy Leader of the self-styled Socialist Council, proposed to add additional strategic sites to those already agreed in the Core Strategy. The paper before the meeting identified three sites in the Belper Urban Area amounting to 570 extra dwellings. The […]