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Angela lives in Heage with her husband David. They have a grown-up daughter. Angela works as an accountant at Ross Ceramics in Denby and has served as your Borough Councillor since 2007. Angela also served as a Ripley Town Councillor for 8 years, acting as both mayor of Ripley and Amber Valley for a

Angela is also a governor at Street Lane Primary School and Ambergate Primary School. She serves as Vice-Chair of the Trustees of the Heage Windmill Society and is a hard-working supporter of many
local community groups.

Angela commented: “It has been an honour to serve the people of this ward since 2007. I have tried to represent people across all the villages that make up the ward throughout that time. I believe I have the experience necessary to continue to be an effective Councillor for this ward. With the Local
Plan still to be finalised you need an experienced Councillor to stand up for you against development of inappropriate sites, as I have recently in relation to the proposed Solar Farm in Street Lane”

Contact Angela:

Address: 127 Parkside, Heage, DE5 2AF
Telephone: 01773 857057
Email: angela@ambervalleyconservatives.com

Cllr Angela Ward

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