At the meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council on 18 November the Conservative administration put forward a proposal to change the council’s election cycle. Currently, elections are held in three years out of every four with one-third of the councillors being elected on each occasion. The proposal was to change this to having an election for all councillors once every four years. This proposal would have saved the Council £250,000 each election cycle.

Cllr Alan Cox, Conservative Leader of the Council, said that the proposal was in line with all the recommendations of both the Electoral Commission and the Councillors’ Commission regarding the election cycle for local councils.

Although the Conservatives have a majority on Amber valley Borough Council this recommendation needed two-thirds of the members to vote for it before it can be approved. The Labour members on the Borough Council voted unanimously to reject the recommendation. There were no reasons given for this course of action.

After the meeting Cllr Alan Cox said that he was disappointed that the Labour Councillors had blocked plans to save £250,000. This money could have been used to improve Council services.

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