Amber Valley Council Conservative Group,

May 2015.

  1. To reduce costs whilst continuing to deliver top class services to the residents of Amber Valley.
  2. To continue to improve where affordable, our popular refuse and recycling service.
  3. We shall support our award-winning Leisure Centres and “Green Flag” parks.
  4. We will take a zero tolerance approach to dog fouling and litter that blights our communities.
  5. We will review Parking Policies to continue to support our local shops and businesses to attract new jobs and industry to our Borough
  6. Our voluntary Community Groups provide an invaluable service and we will continue to support their work.
  7. We shall continue to defend our Green Belt against over development.
  8.   We shall continue to support our Parish Councils, as we support our town centres.
  9. In the Spirit of the ‘Localism Act’ we shall co-operate with other Councils, Community bodies and other partners to improve local services.
  10. We will work to make Amber Valley a cleaner, safer place to live, work and visit.
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