Labour has announced it will raise Council Tax by an additional £5m, placing an unnecessary financial burden on hardworking families. Labour constantly claim Government funding has been slashed and they want a Fair Deal for Derbyshire, the same as Hampshire and Surrey Councils.

What they don’t tell you is that they have received £552million in funding for 2015/16. This is £1million more than last year.

The Local Government Association have confirmed:

  • Derbyshire gets £378 per person in Government Grants.
  • Nottinghamshire get £360.
  • Hampshire get £268. (£100 less than Derbyshire per person).
  • Surrey get £284. (£94 less)

Is there any wonder that Leicestershire, which gets £270 per person, call Derbyshire County Council “Fat Cats”?

Labour claim Derbyshire need more money than Councils down South, because Derbyshire is unique and had over 30 pits closed in the last century.

It is about time Labour concentrated on providing efficient high quality services, and stops misleading the public as part of their General Election campaign.

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