At a meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council to discuss the Council’s Core Strategy on 15 October 2014 the socialist councillors approved the allocation of 400 houses in the Kedleston Road area of Quarndon. This was in spite of very strong opposition from English Heritage. In its submissions to the Council about the site English Heritage had said:

1. This allocation has the potential to harm a number of designated heritage assets including the Grade 1 Kedleston Hall, Grade 1 Registered Historic Park and Garden and Kedleston Conservation Area.
2. There is no evidence produced that demonstrates that in principle the site could be developed in a way which would not have an adverse impact on the setting of the Kedleston Estate.
3. In undertaking our own analysis as part of the pre-application proposals we consider that the adverse effects of the development on the setting of the Kedleston Estate significantly and demonstrably outweigh the case for development in this location. Harm is unavoidable and mitigation is likely to be impossible to achieve.
Conservative councillors all voted against the proposal but the more numerous socialist councillors voted it through.

After the meeting Cllr Alan Cox, deputy Leader of the Conservative Group said “The socialists did not bother to listen to members of the public, including English Heritage, who opposed this allocation. Moreover, the socialist Mayor prevented the local Conservative councillor, Cllr Jane Orton, from even speaking on the issue in the Council chamber.”

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