Socialists Fail to Support/Back Local Communities.

Cllr Gareth Gee (Conservative, Crich) proposed a motion at the meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council on 17 September calling on the Council to object to the imposition by the Socialist controlled Housing Market Area (the HMA) of an additional 2,665 houses to be built in Amber Valley. Consultants employed by the HMA had stated that these houses should be built in Derby City. Cllr Gee also proposed that Cllr C. Emmas-Williams, the Socialist cabinet member for regeneration should use his influence to minimise the impact of these additional homes on Amber Valley residents.

During the debate Cllr Alan Cox (Conservative, Belper North) said that the figures proposed by the HMA showed that 10,060 homes needed to built in Amber v\alley from 2011 to 2028 whereas 10,987 need to be built in Derby. He commented that the allocation was completely unfair because of the relative sizes of the two authorities. If Derby had run out of space, as it claims, then 4 storey apartment blocks should be built instead of detached houses.

The socialists on the council all voted against objecting to the excessive housing allocation and by association voted against their own Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member Cllr Emmas-Williams using his influence to minimise the impact on Amber Valley Residents

After the meeting Cllr Stuart Bradford, Leader of the Conservative Group on the Council condemned the action of the Socialists. He said that it shows that the controlling group, having been 14 years in opposition, have yet to get a grip on their roles and responsibilities and if current events are anything to go by, it will be some time before they do.