Audit Highlights Council Savings

The meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council on 17 September received a report from KPMG, the Council’s auditors. In their report the auditors commented on the £4million of annual savings made by the Borough. These savings took place while the Conservatives were in control. Cllr Alan Cox, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group on the Council, commented that the savings that had been made represented a large proportion of the Council’s budget. He said that the savings had been achieved by the hard work of officers in identifying and implementing the savings. He went on to say that other councils had had to make similar savings but were just whinging about the fact rather than getting on and doing the work.

The auditors, in their report also said “It is vital that the recent change in administration [when Labour gained control in the May 2014 elections] … does not place delivery of the budget and savings plan at risk.” They actually repeated this stark warning later in their report. After the meeting Cllr Bradford, Leader of the Conservative Group on the Council, said ” During my time as Leader, the Council faced severe financial and structural challenges due to the massive national debt causing significant reductions in Government funding for all Local Authorities. I am pleased to say that a Conservative led Amber Valley Borough Council managed these challenges with the full co-operation and commitment of the staff to adopt change and create an organisation which is ‘Fit for Purpose’ . I hope the new administration does not adopt policies that squander these achievements.